804: “Scar Tissue” — Preliminary Predictions

It seems as though A.J. Yates is the killer. I still think there is someone else involved with the murders. Everything was so neatly laid out for Dexter to find in A.J.’s kill room … I don’t trust this guy. He’s aware of Dexter, so why would he make it so easy for him to find the girl, the jars, the brain surgeon plans, power saws, etc.?

As for the people we see in the next episode — it seems as though it’s that kid who kidnaps Vogel. I don’t think they’ll off Vogel just yet. I think she will last throughout the season.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Debra tries killing herself again and/or Dexter. The ending of tonight’s episode was what I suggested a few posts back. This was a failed Romeo and Juliet suicide attempt.

Be on the look out for the full treatment of 804: “Scar Tissue” this week!


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