Predictions (Based on what 805: “This Little Piggy” gives us)

It seems as though Quinn has finally decided to become suspicious of Dexter all over again. Could this be the end of the illusion he’s held up for 8 seasons? I think so.

I think Matthews is trying to cover something up for the Hamilton family. He always seems to be using his political stance and power to cover something up or help himself out. Could this be any indication of what could happen if he discovers the truth about Dexter and Debra? Could he spare them, all because of Harry’s loyal service to Miami Metro?

If Angel, Quinn, and Matthews put their heads together, they would be able to figure out Dexter and Debra’s secret (because it’s Deb’s secret now, too). Something is going to happen this season. I don’t think Dexter will get away with what he’s been doing. He may be an Alpha human, but he is certainly not the only one out there.

The head of the Hamilton family may have sent his son to kill the woman with whom he was having an affair. I think he’s well aware of the fact that his son, Zack, is a psychopath, and is using that to his advantage. If you refer back to Dr. Vogel’s Mirror Theory, as proposed and expanded upon in the treatment to 804: “Scar Tissue,” the Hamilton family serves as yet another reflection of what Dexter (and his relationship with Harry) could have become. Harry could have used Dexter’s “talents” willy nilly and to their advantage, as the Hamilton father-son duo does (assuming that I am correct, of course).

Be on the lookout for the full treatment to 805: “This Little Piggy,” which will be posted Thursday, August 1, 2013.


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