Predictions for 806: “A Little Reflection”

  • Quinn in the preview for this episode says to Dexter, “I know what you’re doing.” It’s meant to look like he knows Dexter is a serial killer, but I think Quinn thinks Dexter is just trying to get information for Quinn. Perhaps the “I know what you’re doing” will be accompanied by “I’ll stalk Zack on my own; thanks, though.”
  • Hannah is due to show up. I think she’s going to bust in at the worst possible time. I also think she’s going to take someone out tonight in her wrath. She may try to kill off Dexter, but I foresee Cassie being taken out in this episode.
  • I think Dexter is going to approach Zack with the idea that he’s interested in blood and whatnot, and will offer to show him the ropes, or take him on as an “intern” of sorts. How do you break to someone that you’re a serial killer? Could Zack Hamilton be the reason Dexter gets taken down this season? Will he confess? Who will Zack Hamilton go after? Who is their next target? Will Zack get the benefit of taking Hannah down? (I don’t think so — her kill will be more personal, and he’ll want to make sure he’s dead instead of seducing Zack into letting her live).
  • As far as Masuka/Niki go — I think Niki is harmless. I don’t think she’s out for Masuka’s money — I think she genuinely wants to know her father. This should be taken care of in this episode, for the sake of time.
  • Elway (or “The El-Train,” as I like to call him) is going to make a move on Deb, as we saw in the preview. I don’t foresee him getting anywhere, though.


  • Hannah escaped prison at the very end of season 7, almost immediately after being taken in. Where has she been the last 6 months? She must have had something going on — could she have been committing murders of her own in this time that they haven’t found yet? Will a new murder draw Dexter to Hannah, or vice versa, tonight?

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