Predictions for 809: “Make Your Own Kind of Music”

A lot of people have responded to today’s poll that they think Oliver is the Brain Surgeon. Although there are several reasons I have already thought of that make sense … I feel in my heart that it would stick true to the pattern of each season if Vogel were the “big bad” — the Brain Surgeon.

I am hoping that she is the Brain Surgeon; however, I’m not entirely sold on this prediction myself.

If Oliver is the Brain Surgeon, he may have taken out Zack in retaliation for killing Cassie. Of course — him being a serial killer … I don’t know if he fits the “type.” Our psychopaths were always revealed in an eerie light. Oliver — nothing. It’d be a cheat, in my opinion, to have Oliver be the Brain Surgeon.

As for the fact that Oliver could be Vogel’s son … makes no sense. If anything, spiritual son.

We were told that Dr. Evelyn Vogel was married to a Dr. Richard Vogel. I have a feeling we will find a bit more out about who he is in this episode.


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