Preliminary Response for 810: “Goodbye Miami”

Tonight’s episode shocked the hell out of me. I did not see Vogel’s death coming, nor did I foresee Hannah McKay being so stupid as to go to the emergency room or not call Deb to help her out.

What I do think was incredibly interesting was the fact that Matthews called Dr. Vogel into his office to try and figure out Zack Hamilton’s whereabouts. Matthews seems to take care of his own business, as well as the business of others who are good friends of Miami Metro. I am still hoping that it will be revealed that Matthews knew about Dexter’s condition the entire time. That would make for a really interesting twist on things.

Deb’s sudden confession of her love for Quinn was very soap opera-y and I’m not sure if that was really Debra Morgan in that scene. Although it does make sense that her letting go of Dexter could open her back up to Joey. They were great together, and I am so happy to see the two of them back together. Because we all know what that means.

I have a feeling that Dexter and Hannah are going to be taken into custody upon trying to get on the plane.

Or, I have a feeling that the hurricane will have gotten Deb, as Billy suggested, and Dexter gets off the plane to Argentina and runs to the hospital to see his sister as she dies or something. I don’t think Dexter and Hannah are going to make it to Argentina.

Every time I say that name, I sing to myself: “Don’t cry for me Argentinaaaaaaaaa … “

The next two episodes have to be intense for there are quite a few things needing to be wrapped up. Will Dexter and Hannah escape? If they do, will Dexter be able to hold back his Dark Passenger? I was unsure of whether or not this season would end up well, or whether it was working toward the resolution of Hannah’s fate — but I have come to realize that we are seeing Dexter’s character arc. That is what we should be paying attention to: whether or not Dexter is the perfect psychopath who’s convinced himself that he has emotions and feelings. Whether or not Dexter values family more than killing.

We all know that he could not choose family over killing in the beginning of season 7. Debra tried putting him on watch. But he’s doing this for Hannah? Is she that intoxicating? As I’ve said time and time again, Hannah McKay is like Hawthorne’s Beatrice Rappaccini: she emits the sweetest odor that is inviting, yet the lightest touch is more lethal than a bulletwound. It seems as though Dexter is Giovanni, being invited into Hannah’s garden, becoming so enthralled by her, becoming like her in a sense — more of a sociopath than a psychopath — more human.

If this were true, that would mean that Dexter is going to successfully cross over from man driven by Dark Passenger to man with a dark passenger who occasionally gives directions, if at all.

My question for the writers — or Dexter — would be: will Dexter ever be able to give up killing? Judging from Harry and Dexter’s scene in the kill room, Dexter will always have his Dark Passenger right by his side.


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