Predictions for 812: “Remember the Monsters?”


[Note: These are lifted directly from this week’s treatment for 811: “Monkey in a Box,” which can be accessed here.]

Dexter’s ending monologue conveys his optimism for his future with Hannah and his ability to escape the country unscathed, despite all of the opposition he will face (Elway, Hurricane Laura, Deb being in the hospital, Saxon): “I used to live by night in the shadow of my Dark Passenger. I lived in shadows for so long until the dark became my world. The people in my life flipped on a light. At first I was blinded it was so bright. But over the years my eyes adjusted. I could see and now what is in focus is my future. Bright. Brighter than it’s ever been.” Although Dexter has high hopes, I do not. The storm is coming, as Elway keeps reminding us, and I don’t think anyone is going to get out alive (except for Harrison. You can’t kill the kid!).

I would absolutely love it if we discover that Matthews has been in on Dexter’s secret this entire time. I truly believe that he has been involved in enough sketchy practices that this would not be such a far-fetched concept. Matthews does seem to keep his eye out for Dexter and Debra, as if stepping in where Harry left off. Do you recall when Matthews refused to see LaGuerta’s claims through of Dexter’s suspicious activity? And also his own run-in with leaving the scene of a crime? And how protective he was over the Hamilton family? What about his knowledge of Vogel’s son’s death? I would really like to see that this is true – not only to be right about something for once in my life, but because it seems right. It will probably enrage many of you, though, if this is true.

I believe Debra Morgan will die. I do not want to see her have to endure a world without Dexter, especially if he is removed from her life by the electric chair or put in jail. When Dexter called up Debra so that she could be the “hero of Miami Metro” for finding Oliver Saxon, that was a huge red flag for me. LaGuerta was viewed as a hero for going against Estrada in a supposed “battle” in that shipping container. I have a feeling that Debra is going to die a hero, too.

Dexter says that he will leave the knives in the hospital for evidence when they were supposed to find Saxon; however, the situation did not go down as originally planned. I have the worst feeling that somebody is going to find these knives and draw them back to Dexter Morgan.

I think Miami Metro will be suddenly clued into Dexter and Debra’s suspicious activity. I have a feeling that Masuka’s daughter, Niki, will have something to do with that. Lindsay thought so as well.

Clayton was shaping up to be a huge threat to the Morgans, but we know for sure that Elway is going to take on the torch and continue on in his search for Hannah McKay all because he is in pursuit of money.

Oliver is still on the loose. We cannot forget that he is still a loose end and that he will be going after Debra, Hannah, and Harrison with the strongest vengeance possible. I don’t think Quinn will leave Deb’s side much, but I do think she will be the first one that Oliver goes after – if the beginning of the series is anything to judge by, I have a feeling that she will be the number-one target. I don’t know if Oliver will kill Harrison, but he may take out Hannah, too. All I know is – this last episode is going to be one huge bloodbath.

We know that Dexter ends up in the hospital somehow for long enough to ram Elway into the wall and be all macho about protecting Debra and Hannah. I have a feeling that the plane will never even leave the ground because of Hurricane Laura (we know that it develops into a Hurricane because of the previews). Laura Moser – the genetics of Dexter Morgan – chained Dexter to his Dark Passenger and his past. Hurricane Laura will continue to chain him to his past and to Miami. I just checked out the etymology of the name “Laura” – it is related to laurels, or the “victor’s garlands.” Laura is bound to trump Dexter and his efforts. Always has and always will.


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When all is said and done, I have a feeling that our little Harrison Morgan will be left as an orphan – perhaps he will be sent to live with Paul Bennett’s parents with Astor and Cody. If Deb is going to die, and if Dexter is going to either be locked up or imprisoned, Hannah is certainly going with him. I think Harrison will be left in the mess of blood, all by himself, to fend for himself, just as this entire journey started out for Dexter.

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