Unveiling Truths in 110: “Seeing Red” & 111: “Truth Be Told”


Dexter “takes out the trash” by getting rid of Paul; he puts the pieces together and discovers not only the identity of the Ice Truck Killer, but the truth of his past; he discovers that Angel’s attacker and the Ice Truck Killer are one in the same; and ultimately, he realizes that his sister is about to be the Ice Truck Killer’s next victim.

Putting the Pieces Together

A jar of blood with a hotel key afloat in it arrives addressed to Miami Metro Homicide. Since we now know that Dexter, in fact, hates blood, his passing out does not come as a surprise to us, yet we still cringe. Dexter’s reaction comes as a surprised to Sergeant Doakes, who comments: “something finally got to you. I guess you’re human after all” (110). The amount of blood (50 or 60 liters) is from five bodies at the least, according to Masuka’s report, and is mixed with blood thinners and preservatives, explaining why it did not clot. They are confused as to how six  bodies entered and left the crime scene without anyone seeing; however, a shot in Rudy’s custom fridge showed several jars of blood on the shelf, explaining how he got in and out without notice.


While with Debra, Rudy cannot help but ask how Dexter reacted to the bloodbath. Because she won’t fork over the details, he shows up on Dexter’s doorstep with a six-pack and two porterhouse steaks (later episodes will reveal this to be an ideal brother-sister night for Deb and Dex). The knife Dexter gives him is the same kind that he uses for his kills, and just as the opening sequence walks the line (and we recall this as we have a close-up on the steaks that Rudy is trimming), we feel on edge. A conversation on repressed memories and Rudy sharing yet another story about his mother and how he “watched her die” at four years old reminds us that he is a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

While out at Bel Canto, Angel notices a woman with a prosthetic arm with different-colored nail polish, which is the same exact way that the nails on the fingertips found in the abandoned ice truck were pained. Upon further questioning, we find that she used to be a hooker and that she started painting her nails that way after one of her regular clients started worshipping it. Further questioning reveals that Neil Perry was not her client, thus raising suspicions. Angel is then sent on a wild-goose chase after talking to Vince Masuka about those with amputee fetishes, or “devotees.” Vince refers him to Rudy Cooper, which causes him to get a knife in the back and that poor former-hooker her own death. He kills her so as to distract the police while he plans his next killing.

The Ice Truck Killer makes his next appearance at Santa’s Cottage with neatly wrapped body parts under the Christmas tree. He removes the ring off of the woman’s prosthetic hand and presents it to Debra as an engagement ring. What is left at the crime scene is a video tape claiming that the ITK is mad that Miami Metro insulted his intelligence by arresting an amateur. Dexter himself is only able to put the pieces together when Angel comments on hoping to have given the attacker a “fat lip.” The time that Dexter wastes matching the blood on Angel’s shirt collar with Rudy’s Rudy spends luring Deb onto his yacht and knocking her out.

Deb only suspects foul play when she sees the wrapper to the cough drop he puts in his mouth, but does not stay awake long enough to find out much more than what Rudy cruelly whispers into her ear. Fittingly, Rudy binds her hands in duct tape and takes off in his yacht.

October 3, 1973

Miami Metro is led to hotel room #103. The hotel room is meant to emulate the repressed memories of the small, crying boy who Dexter keeps seeing, but wishes to forget. The station on the clock radio is 103 FM, which plays rock ‘n roll hits from the 1980s (which conveniently is meant to recall Dexter’s biological father’s record collection). The hotel Bible is bookmarked at Leviticus 10:3, which reads: “I will be sanctified in them that come nigh me, and before all people, I will be glorified.”

Look at that snot. That’s acting.

Dexter refuses to speak of what haunts him, especially to Debra. According to her, Dexter has not acted this way since Harry died. Harry told Dexter that “secrecy, self-reliance, and a well-stocked cupboard of heftybags” (110) would always keep him safe; however, it keeps Debra at an arm’s length, which is likely the safest place for her to be. After the intrusive thoughts have nagged him long enough, Dexter returns to the hotel bloodbath to immerse himself in them. Such immersion reveals that he watched his own mother die in a two-inch-deep pool of blood. Camilla later fills in that he was left there starving for days. In the memory we hear a chainsaw revving, the same tool which Rudy used to spray the blood in the hotel room. For the first time, Dexter refers to the darkness within him as his “Dark Passenger,” and his memories sparked that sudden admission, and in jest, he begins calling himself “wicked” (111) to Camilla.

When asking Camilla for the case file of the crime scene where Harry found him, Camilla claims that it’s at city hall, and that she’s busy. She does not answer when Dexter asks if he remembers anything from that day. Adamant about finding the date of the crime scene, Dexter searches through all of Miami Metro’s newspapers until he comes across the newspaper from October 3, 1973, which jogs his memory about the “103” connections made in the hotel room. This is the day that his biological mother, Laura Moser, was murdered. Dexter now sees why he would “choose a life where I search for meaning in blood” (111). Upon discovering this, Dexter visits Camilla and she says that she destroyed the file to protect Dexter. What he and Harry saw in that cargo container “changed” the both of them. Although Dexter insists on knowing the truth, Camilla advises him to “leave this one alone” (111).

The Code of Harry

Dexter does not kill Paul Bennett. We know that he is not a killer, and thus does not fit the code, nor does he “deserve” to die, hence why Dexter sets him up to be jailed. One of Harry’s rules was “don’t get emotionally involved” (110), and yet Dexter does so when sending Paul back to jail. For Paul, “death wasn’t the answer … for now at least the Code of Harry remains unbroken” (110).

Debra, a Battleground

Doakes makes it clear in these two episodes that he is romantically interested in Debra. Although him bringing her home for dinner with his family may have been somewhat of an indication, we now see him asking her to go to Bel Canto and asking her about her relationship with Rudy Cooper. Not only does this heighten tensions between Dexter and Doakes, but Doakes becomes even more suspicious of his behavior.

Debra seems to be the ultimate bait to lure Dexter right into his trap. He makes it known that he will be proposing to Dexter’s sister, and when she disappears, Dexter goes after her. Ironically enough, Dexter throws a threat out on the table to Rudy if he hurts Debra. It is clear now that he will be getting the punishment that he promised the Ice Truck Killer.

Dexter: A Comedy

110: “Seeing Red”

Deb: “It’s bad in there.”

Doakes: “She’s not kidding. It’s your wet dream in there.”

[When talking about Masuka inviting them to the Bel Canto.]

Deb: “Yeah, I told him I had a yeast infection.”

Dexter; “A bit of an over-share.”

[To Debra, about Dexter]

Doakes: “What’d the freak do this time? Boil your goldfish?”

[Dexter walks in after putting Paul’s passed out body into the trunk of his own car and rolling it over to the next house.]

Rita: “Where were you?”

Dexter: “Taking out the trash.”

111: “Truth Be Told”

Woman dressed as elf: “Like anyone’s gonna go shopping after this. There go our jobs.”

[Doakes knocks into Dexter roughly]

Debra: “That a whole sexual-tension thing, or am I missing something?”

Debra: “Another dead hooker?”

Vince Masuka: “Ho ho ho, another dead ho.”

Vince Masuka: “Wanna sit down on my lap and tell me what you want for Christmas?”

Deb: “No thanks. Last thing I want is a burning sensation when I pee.”

Rudy’s Text Message: “Cum sail away with me.”

Dexter: “He misspelled ‘come.’”


And now to put a “number” on this episode. Dexterity (neat-handedness, puns, trickery, clever sayings, placements, etc.) will judge all of the small things that I pick up on. The higher the score, the more fun I had picking apart the episode for hidden clues. Entertainment (how much I laughed and enjoyed the episode) will judge how excited I was on average throughout the episode, as well as after it for the upcoming episodes. Xtremity (how dramatic, but also how believable the episode was, edge-of-the-seat, white knuckles, the “holy shit” factor) will judge just how jaw-dropping the episode was.

Dexterity: 9

Entertainment: 10

Xtremity: 10

Because Rudy proposed. And now has Debra.

DEX-Factor: 9.7


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