Welcome to Dissecting Dexter, taking a stab at Showtime’s Dexter, intelligently. This series, based off of Jeff Lindsay’s novels, has a lot to offer from its deft use of diction to its plots and character arcs.

This blog was created to share with you my thoughts and predictions on the eighth and final season of Dexter; however, have no fear. I will backtrack and treat each of the seasons with my opinions and observations. Although I cannot exactly predict what I’ve already seen, I hope to point out specific things for new viewers to watch out for. Perhaps even create a road map for them.

Follow and spread the word if you are a Dexter fan such as myself. I hope this blog will provide you with food for thought — ham, eggs, and blood oranges, to be specific — for the next time you watch, or re-watch, the series.

Want an easier way to follow what I’m up to? Follow us on Twitter @DissectingDextr for notifications on new posts, as well as “bonus” tweets with interviews and insights from the cast and directors.

This blog originated on Tumblr (here), but now I have moved to WordPress to expand the fan base. I hope you enjoy!


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