Internal Affairs and Liabilities in 504: “Beauty and the Beast” & 505: “First Blood”

Take note of the leopard thong.

Lumen has become a problem, given the fact that she doesn’t trust Dexter, nor does she plan on leaving Miami any time soon, at least not until justice is served. Deb and Quinn’s romantic entanglement deepens; the Santa Muerte killers are still at large; and Quinn hires a guy busted by I.A. to look into Dexter Morgan for him after being suspended from work for approaching the Mitchells about Kyle Butler’s identity. Meanwhile, Dexter continues to worry about Harrison’s well-being after witnessing Rita’s death.


Dexter’s inner Harry gives him trouble when he starts nursing Lumen back to health; the first rule of the Code dictates that he kill her (“Don’t get caught”), however the rule of “don’t hurt an innocent” seems to overpower the first rule for Dexter. Harry says he should take out Lumen, for if he doesn’t, Harrison will grow up “visiting [him] on death row.” Since there is no missing persons report on Lumen, Harry argues that it would be easy to get rid of her.

“This is no fairy tale.”

No matter how hard Dexter tries to fix Lumen, nurse her back to health, and make her trauma go away, Harry reminds her that Lumen will never trust him and be afraid of him, for she witnessed Dexter killing Fowler. Although Lumen swears she would never tell anyone, she is a liability. Dexter walks in on her fake suicide, which disarms Dexter long enough for her to escape, lock Dexter into the kill room, and nearly get away. He then takes Lumen into the bog to show her what her fate would have been had he not come and killed Fowler. He hands her a knife, lets her stab him, tells her about Rita, and finally seems to have earned a smidgen of her trust. Given the fact that his own wife was  brutally murdered, perhaps Dexter’s Code has changed. In saving Lumen, he is saving his wife (and by extension, his own mother – hey, Lumen looks like Laura Moser, too!).

“I thought you were a monster like Boyd.”

When talking to Lumen, Dexter discovers that several men beat, tortured, and raped her. This is, indeed, “not over.” In fact, Lumen is planning to track down the other men and kill them, which Dexter discovers after seeing the diagrammed wall in her motel room. Harry believes she’s “not stable” and is “coming undone.”

“She’s gonna bring you down.” – Harry

Because Dexter refused to help her kill the men that traumatized her, Lumen is trying to take matters into her own hands so she can sleep at night again, which should remind us of Miguel Prado. Although she’s more afraid of Dexter than Prado was, there is a similar bond forming. After she nearly shoots Robert Brunner at Tuttle bridge, Dexter seems to get her to agree to going home, for if she does what she wants to, the Darkness will “open up something inside you don’t want to know is there. Trust me.” Although it seems as though Lumen is gone, and this is another problem Dexter can “check off the list,” we know Lumen doesn’t get on that plane to Minneapolis.

“First Blood”: The Morgan Family and Their Beasts

Sonya accuses Dexter of not being reliable; Dexter misses Rita because he was never held accountable for anything. She almost walks out on Dexter; however, she gives him a second chance.

“We all have something to hide, some dark place inside us we don’t want the world to see.” – Dexter

Dexter is away so often that he begins missing milestones, like Harrison’s first steps; however, the trauma is not far from his mind. Dexter asks Sonya if she believes Harrison is violent; however, she insists that “he’s a little angel;” rather ironic, considering his father’s own demonic passenger. The playtime accident makes Dexter wonder whether he has created a miniature serial killer; knowing the toll it takes on his life, he hopes his son won’t be burdened with his own Dark Passenger.

“I want to believe that smile, that watching your mother die hasn’t changed you the way watching mine changed me.”

In attempts to regather some semblance of family life, Dexter and Harrison remain at Deb’s place after Cody and Astor have gone to live with Paul’s parents in Orlando. When it seems as though they are crowding Deb, she reassures that “you and Harrison are the most important people to me, the only important people.”

“There is nothing wrong with my son.”

Although Dexter firmly embraces his own Dark Passenger, he wants Lumen to “stay away from the darkness.” He doesn’t want her to have to be a slave to her darkness the way he is to his own.

Quinn: An I.A. Victim

Quinn continues to question Dexter and his intentions after thinking that the sketches of Kyle Butler are a dead-ringer for Dexter. He follows the FBI to the Mitchell’s safe house and approaches Jonah Mitchell in a convenience store in order to see his face when asked if Dexter is Kyle Butler. When he gets caught, LaGuerta disciplines him for going against her wishes and suspends him. The more roadblocks that are put up around Quinn and his intentions, the harder he fights to see to it that Dexter is investigated. Although Jonah didn’t give a positive ID for Kyle Butler, his question of “What do you want to know?” seemed to be enough for Quinn to believe that Dexter posed as Kyle Butler, and rightfully so.

As hard as he has been trying to get Deb into his bed, once he finally has her, he tells Deb: “I’m . . . no good for you,” but she doesn’t care. Talk about a conflict of interest: sleeping with the sister of the guy you’re trying to take down and apprehend. Sounds like Brian Moser, doesn’t he?

Freudian Aside

Debra seems to have an awful hard time showing Quinn affection in front of Dexter, and rightfully so. However, her hesitance to tell Dexter about her romantic entanglements suggests a hint of hesitance as well as a strange affection for her brother.

Dexter: A Comedy

Deb: “Fuck me in both ears.”

  • Maria LaGuerta: “You look like your Mommy.”
  • Masuka: “Oh, and he’s got Daddy’s eyes.”
  • Angel Batista: “And your penis size.”
  • Deb: “No, it’s bigger. It’s much bigger.”

Dexter: [Hands off Harrison to the Miami Metro team] “Who would’ve thought? Better than donuts.”

Dexter: [After Harrison scratches another baby] “That’s a little too familiar, but I use a scalpel. All you have are your fingers . . . wiped clean. Not even a year old, you’re already destroying evidence and having to flee the scene of the crime.”


  • Angel Batista: “McCourt. Do you find him attractive?”
  • Deb: “I would rather put a campfire out with my face.”
  • Vince: “The dragon lady represents the dualities of my inner warrior.”
  • Deb: “Or your inner idiot.”
Take note of the leopard thong.
Take note of the leopard thong.
  • Vince Masuka: “Tramp stamp. I think I’m in love.”
  • Deb: “She’s into needles. Why don’t you show her your dick?”
  • Vince Masuka: “Hey, since we’re already here, why don’t you get Quinn’s name put on your -“
  • Deb: “Hey, I have a gun.”
  • Masuka: “I’ll just wait in the car.”
  • Dexter: “What’s he doing here?”
  • Deb: “He[Quinn] wanted to borrow a book.”
  • Dexter: “He reads?”
  • Quinn: “Yeah, he does.”

“What the fuck kind of name is ‘Dexter’?”

Harrison scratching Dexter’s cheek.


And now to put a “number” on this episode. Dexterity (neat-handedness, puns, trickery, clever sayings, placements, etc.) will judge all of the small things that I pick up on. The higher the score, the more fun I had picking apart the episode for hidden clues. Entertainment (how much I laughed and enjoyed the episode) will judge how excited I was on average throughout the episode, as well as after it for the upcoming episodes. “Xtremity” (how dramatic, but also how believable the episode was, edge-of-the-seat, white knuckles, the “holy shit” factor) will judge just how jaw-dropping the episode was.
Dexterity: 6
Entertainment: 7
Xtremity: 7
DEX-Factor: 6.66


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