Jennifer Carpenter and Alexander Poe Talk “Ex-Girlfriends” (2012)

On November 1, 2012, Jennifer Carpenter and Alexander Poe were interviewed about their upcoming film, Ex-Girlfriends. The following is an excerpt from the interview:

Jennifer: You mentioned that you really related to the script. What was it about the character of Kate that got you hooked?

It wasn’t solely Kate, it was how it all fit together. It’s really deceiving because you feel like you’re on skis, skimming just the surface of it and then by the end of it, you’re dumped into lake. You know what I mean? – but in a good way.  It truly felt like a slice of life. I feel like the best meals in life are the ones that you actually cut into beautiful pieces and that you take your time to chew and taste. This movie delivers a beautiful entrée and not like in bigger movies where they feel like they have to give you something to celebrate.

The fact that this guy (Poe) wrote something because it was calling him to be written and that he risked his relationships, his finances to get it done. How can you not respect that? And for me to be asked to be a player, I’m still very impressed.  

Click here for the full interview.


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