Dissecting Dexter was founded by K.M. Roedel on July 9, 2013 on Tumblr. This blog is dedicated to studying Dexter as an art form. Each episode is studied for character arcs, form, content, and themes, and then related to aspects of the particular episode as well as the season and the series as a whole.


Within two weeks of opening, the Official SHOWTIME Dexter blog began following Dissecting Dexter, causing the followers to more than double within days. With an increased demand for content, the creator worked toward making the blog more consistent and dependable.

The blog hosts a variety of content: Trivia Tuesdays, where readers’ knowledge on cast members and the series itself  is put to the test; Workshop Wednesdays, which features clips including behind the scenes footage, interviews, trailers, and more; Treatment Thursdays is when viewers and readers can expect the “treatments,” or original blogging explained above, to be posted; and Fun Fact Fridays, where your knowledge on everything Dexter can continue to expand.

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Note: We are in no way affiliated with the podcast of the same name from the UK.

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