Happy Birthday to Us!


Happy Birthday to Us!

Here’s to two very exciting years of Dissecting Dexter and to many more!

July 9, 2013.



Welcome to Dissecting Dexter, taking a stab at Showtime’s Dexter, intelligently. This series, based off of Jeff Lindsay’s novels, has a lot to offer from its deft use of diction to its plots and character arcs.

This blog was created to share with you my thoughts and predictions on the eighth and final season of Dexter; however, have no fear. I will backtrack and treat each of the seasons with my opinions and observations. Although I cannot exactly predict what I’ve already seen, I hope to point out specific things for new viewers to watch out for. Perhaps even create a road map for them.

Follow and spread the word if you are a Dexter fan such as myself. I hope this blog will provide you with food for thought — ham, eggs, and blood oranges, to be specific — for the next time you watch, or re-watch, the series.

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This blog originated on Tumblr (here), but now I have moved to WordPress to expand the fan base. I hope you enjoy!

Dissecting Dexter: Starting from the Top!

Now that I’ve finally brought myself to write on the conclusion of the series, it is time to start from the beginning. It seems like the conclusion was so controversial that it has inspired people who have never watched the series before to give it a go. Many fans have restarted the series (just as I will) because they refuse to accept the fact that it is over (like I do).

I will try my hardest to avoid spoiler alerts for the series as a whole, but I will continue my thematic approach. As Christmas presents to myself, I invested in two books that take a critical perspective on the series. I will be adding the voices of these writers to my treatments whenever I can so as to be sure I’m on the right track!

I have not yet decided whether I will write up a treatment for each episode, or write one up for every two or three episodes. I am also half-tempted to write treatments based on recurring themes in each season; however, that could prove to be a bit of a challenge. What I can assure you is that aside from the treatment of the pilot, you will get a treatment which breaks down the opening sequence to our beloved show. I think it is important to consider the pilot in its own treatment as well as the titles.

Treatment Thursday will remain as it is, but if I do decide to write one treatment for two episodes, they will be posted every other Thursday as opposed to once a week.

I will try my very best to be consistent: juggling my final semester of undergrad and my commitment to an online magazine may pose a problem to my endeavors; however, Dissecting Dexter takes precedent!

So for viewers old and new, I welcome you to Dissecting Dexter (if you were not already on board)!

How to Navigate Dissecting Dexter

For now, my blog will cater to season 8 of Dexter; however, once the series is over, I intend on back-tracking through the entire series to study each episode and its relationship to its season and the series as a whole. Right now it’s fairly easy to navigate Dissecting Dexter; however, it will become difficult once I put more content on my blog.

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If you would like to search a specific episode, simply type into the address bar: dissectingdexter.tumblr.com/tagged/_____. In the blank, put in the season and episode number as follows:

  • Each episode has a 3-digit code, the first digit corresponding with the season, and the second two digits corresponding with the episode number.
  • For example, if you would like to search content on season 5 episode 4, your “code” will be 504.
  • Season 2 episode 11 would be 211.
  • If you are having trouble figuring out which episode you are tracking down, IMDb is a great source for actors, seasons, and individual episode titles.



Dissecting Dexter is “taking stab at Showtime’s Dexter, intelligently.” Showtime’s Dexter, based off of Jeff Lindsay’s novels, is rich in diction, themes, and cinematic clues that culminate in telling the story of what it means to be human.

This blog was created to share my insights on Dexter. I hope to illuminate the underpinnings and thematic threads that run throughout the series to both new viewers and series fanatics.

I hope this blog will provide you with food for thought—ham, eggs, and blood oranges, to be precise—for the next time you watch, or re-watch, the series.

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