The Role of Media on Violence Pertaining to Dexter

In the essay entitled “Pathetic Rule Follower or Vigilante Hero?” by M. Carmela Epright and Sarah E. Worth, the authors offer the following two testaments against the idea that Dexter is a Vigilante Hero:

“Mark Twitchell committed a murder in 2008 after luring his victim to his home by posing as a woman on-line who was looking for married men to have affairs with. Twitchell had just completed a manuscript for a Dexter movie when he committed his crime and he claimed Dexter’s kind of justice to be an inspiration. In 2009 Andrew Conley, only seventeen years old at the time, killed his ten-year-old brother, and also claimed to be inspired by Dexter (more that he had killing tendencies than he was seeking justice). He even used black Hefty bags to dispose of his brother’s body.”

With this in mind, please answer the following poll, which will be live through Saturday, May 31, 2014.



Which “big bad” was your favorite?

Which season was your favorite?

What do you think Dexter and Deb’s fates will be? What do you WANT them to be?

What will you miss most about Dexter?

If you were to rewrite or change one aspect of this season or the series as a whole, what would it be?

Who do you think will die tonight?

Do you think that the reason Matthews And Vogel know each other is because they were married? What if the marriage resulted in Richard and Daniel, and then ended because Daniel killed Richard?

You know, that thought did cross my mind at one point. Matthews has been somewhat of a shady character. I’m going to rewatch last night’s episode of Dexter at some point today — I will watch out for how Matthews and Vogel act around each other.

I’m just thinking of their body language — they greeted each other with a handshake. Matthews referred to her as an old friend. I don’t know — she has the English accent … he doesn’t … I don’t remember if Vogel said she and her husband moved to the states before or after Daniel/Oliver was institutionalized.

Vogel says she doesn’t have family “anymore” — perhaps they could have been divorced. I think a name change is hard to cover up for Matthews, though … There are a lot of things left unanswered in this series, but this is definitely food for thought. 🙂

Do you think Vogel told the truth about her son, Daniel (now Oliver)? Or do you think that the entire story was a fabrication?

Elway, with his indefatigable drive for cash, seems like he will be quite the threat in the upcoming episodes. What do you think will be his involvement in episodes 810-812?