Charlotte Rampling One of the “Great Eight” in THR

Hollywood Reporter

After Jennifer Lawrence’s glass-ceiling-shattering essay on the Hollywood gender pay gap, The Hollywood Reporter decided to address sexism. Charlotte Rampling (Dr. Evelyn Vogel) weighed in on what she has learned over the years.

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Julie Benz and Jaime Murray Want Happy Ending for Dexter

Julie Benz (Rita Bennett Morgan) and Jaime Murray (Lila Tournay/West) had some opinions on how the show should end.

Just before season 8 ended, Jaime Murray said:

“Lila should come back and marry Dexter and they should go off together and have little psychopathic children.”

Julie Benz commented:

“We can’t kill Dexter. We just can’t,” she said. “We should always have the potential to have a Dexter movie or something. Maybe he moves away and starts in another town. I don’t know. We can’t kill him.” 

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