The Sins of the Father, the Ubermensch, and Secrets in 312: “Do You Take Dexter Morgan?”

S03 Wedding

After taking care of Miguel Prado, Ramon now steps into the foreground of Dexter’s problems, as does Jorge Orozco (George Washington King), since Miguel did send him after Dexter before he was killed. In a face-off, Dexter tells King that he killed Freebo. His new-found lust for life, as sparked by his son-to-be, propels him to escape King’s skinning table and escape, making his death look like an accident as he’s run under a cop car. After pulling the right strings, Ramon ends up in the custody of Miami Metro. In a heart-to-heart, Ramon reveals that Miguel lied about having a Dark Passenger. In fact, Ramon pushed his father down the stairs when they were kids, and Ramon has such a bad wrap for he was busy “cleaning up after” Miguel’s messes. The Prados aren’t the only ones harboring secrets, however: Rita has a few of her own. Oh, yeah. And Rita and Dexter get married. A brief discussion of Dexter as an ubermensch also is contained within this treatment.

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Religious/Familial Parallels and Freudian Themes in 310: “Go Your Own Way” & 311: “I Had a Dream”

Miguel Kill Room

Dexter and Miguel Prado are officially at odds: in their fight for leverage, each of the killers is forced to find ways to back their opponent into a corner. While Dexter and Rita’s wedding comes together, Miguel and Sylvia’s marriage is falling apart. After Rita tips Sylvia off to the “affair,” she shows up to Maria LaGuerta’s home to discover her husband there with her, thus tipping Maria off to Miguel’s nonexistent alibi for the night of Ellen Wolf’s murder. Freudian themes, religious parallels, and other familial parallels are made in this treatment.

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Religion, Freudian Themes, and Dark Passengers in 308: “The Damage a Man Can Do” & 309: “About Last Night”

Roulette Table

Miguel and Dexter share Billy Fleeter’s death; Rita’s pregnancy hormones are in full-swing; the planning of the wedding is all “last-minute.” George Washington King is suspected to be the Skinner just as Anton Briggs goes missing. Dexter continues to reject his father and creates his own monster . . . or so he thinks. Religion, Freudian themes, and Dark Passengers are all discussed.

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Morality and Religion in 306: “Sí Se Puede” & 307: “Easy as Pie”

Deb QuinnDespite what Dexter would like to think, he is not as in control of the situation with Miguel Prado as we (and he) once thought. He attempts to show the great ADA that his thirst for blood, vengeance, and justice will put him in way over his head; however, Miguel remains fearless and removes Dexter from the position of power. Although our favorite serial killer believes he has found a friend, he is about to be proven wrong. Camila, family friend and record keeper at Miami Metro, is on her death-bed: her remaining wishes are to find the perfect key lime pie and to keep her dignity in tact. Will Dexter violate the Code, either for Miguel’s sake or Camila’s? This treatment will focus on the ethics, religious elements, and the Dark Passenger within us all.

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The Sins of the Father in 304: “All in the Family” & 305: “Turning Biminese”


Dexter continues to struggle with the idea of fatherhood, yet he is becoming used to the idea that he has “created life.” His role as brother, however, to Miguel Prado is becoming problematic as Miguel pushes Dexter to relieve Ramon of his distress and tell him that Dexter killed Oscar. Some of Dexter’s prodding and coercing causes Ramon to go off the deep end, ultimately dissuading Miguel of his original suggestion. Sensing that there is more to Dexter than meets the eye, Miguel gets Dexter to act upon a hint dropped about a man who continues to escape justice. Dexter takes the bait and when Miguel is informed that Ethan Turner was just reported missing, he makes it known that he knows Dexter is a vigilante. Yuki Amado continues to press Debra to do dirty work on Quinn. For an in-depth discussion of themes in these two episodes, read on.

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The (Un)Holy Trinity of Dexter in 302: “Finding Freebo” & 303: “The Lion Sleeps Tonight”

“You couldn’t picture this, could you?” – Dexter to Harry

Dexter Jr.

Although Harry Morgan may have imagined a “normal” cover life for his adopted son, Dexter is “an idea transcended into life” and is proving his father wrong on a lot of things. Although he appears composed on the outside, Dexter is juggling several different roles and responsibilities, which are beginning to threaten his total image. Dexter must find a balance between Selfhood, Brotherhood, and Fatherhood, each responsibility appearing in various aspects of his life. When given the opportunity to flee from fatherhood, Debra is there to knock some “sense” into him. For an in-depth study of Dexter Morgan in 302: “Finding Freebo” and 303: “The Lion Sleeps Tonight,” read on!

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Religious Themes in 301: “Our Father”

The dust is settling now that Sergeant Doakes is out of the picture and the Bay Harbor Butcher case has been officially closed. Angel Batista has been promoted to Detective Sergeant, which puts Deb’s Detective shield in sight. An unexpected visitor as Dexter as about to kill drug dealer, Freebo, causes Dexter to violate the Code for the first time in his life, killing ADA Miguel Prado’s baby  brother, Oscar Prado. With Harry’s birthday coming up, Dexter decides he must move on from the memory of his coward of a father. Dexter is settling into family life, and pretty well at that. Rita discovers that she is pregnant, which is bound to shake things up this season. When Miguel Prado takes a special interest in Dexter’s affairs, we have to start wondering about Miguel himself. Continue reading for the full treatment of Dexter season three, episode one: “Our Father.”

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