American Values in 401: “Living the Dream”


Dexter is settling into family life – and rather groggily at that – following his marriage to Rita and her children and the birth of their bouncing baby boy, Harrison. It seems as though he is “living the [American] Dream;” however, he just can’t seem to figure out how to balance his serial-killing hobby, married life, and a baby. A new, untraceable serial killer is at large in Miami and Frank Lundy has come back to town to track down this killer once and for all. The Trinity Killer, portrayed by the immensely talented John Lithgow, is chilling from the start. We know Dexter will have to go after him; it is just a matter of how. Debra continues her search for her father, Harry Morgan’s, mistress-and-C.I. and begins interviews with the women that Francis in clerical can dig up at Miami Metro. The world is off-kilter; can Dexter Morgan handle all the challenges of married life, fatherhood, and his nighttime hobby as the Dark Defender? We shall see. Serial killers (both in the series and in the real world) are discussed, as is the ever-present Freudian undertones.

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