Did You Know? David Zayas (Batista) and Sam Underwood (Zack Hamilton) Starred on The Following

David Zayas (Angel Batista) starred in season 1 of The Following as a former FBI agent in witness protection, and Sam Underwood (Zack Hamilton) plays a pair of twin serial killers starting in season 2.


Happy Birthday, David Zayas!

August 15, 1962.

David turns 53 today.

David portrayed Sergeant Angel Batista.

Dissecting Dexter’s Consequences in 812: “Remember the Monsters?”

Lumberjack Dexter, Hannah, and Harrison almost make it on their flight to Rio when Jacob Elway shows up at the airport, threatening the life they planned to share together. After getting airport security onto Elway’s case to defuse the situation, Dexter inadvertently delays all succeeding flights until after Hurricane Laura passes through Miami. Meanwhile, news that Debra is in critical condition after getting shot by Oliver Saxon reaches Dexter shortly after this delay, fortifying his desire for vengeance upon the Brain Surgeon. Though Dexter believes he has transcended the need to kill, his petulance toward Saxon makes this kill far more personal than any other kill he has performed. Once Saxon is taken care of, the only loose end left in Miami is Debra, who would otherwise be left to vegetate in Miami Central hospital. Continue reading “Dissecting Dexter’s Consequences in 812: “Remember the Monsters?””

Doppelgangers, Brotherhood, and the Oedipal Complex in 808: “Are We There Yet?” & 809: “Make Your Own Kind of Music”

Zach Sleepilng

Dexter discovers that Zach Hamilton has absorbed the Code through the observation of his Spiritual Father. Hannah McKay further complicates Dexter’s already convoluted situation by consuming his every waking thought and involuntarily impairing his decision-making skills. Debra’s difficulty with her brother’s life choices and unmistakable vengeance against Hannah compels her to put Jacob Elway on her trail, ultimately leading us to Dexter’s final path of destruction.

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Mere Psychopath or Serial Killer? Dexter’s Natural Inclinations in 802: “Every Silver Lining…” & 803: “What’s Eating Dexter Morgan?”

Jennifer Carpenter as Debra Morgan in Dexter (Season 8, episode 2) - Photo: Randy Tepper/Showtime - Photo ID: Dexter_802_1408

The Brain Surgeon has picked his next victim, compelling Dr. Vogel to recruit Dexter for his help in tracking down who she believes to be one of her former patients. After Dexter goes poking around Lyle Sussman’s hunting cabin, the Brain Surgeon discovers that Dexter is Vogel’s partner in crime, placing them both, as well as Dexter’s family, in jeopardy. Debra continues to fall apart and attempts to confess to Quinn that she killed LaGuerta, but he simply loves her too much to allow her to blame herself for the Captain’s death.

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Parenthood and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in 801: “A Beautiful Day”

Michael C. Hall as Dexter Morgan and Jadon Wells as Harrison in Dexter (Season 8, episode 1) - Photo: Randy Tepper/Showtime - Photo ID: Dexter_801_1125

Season 8 picks up six months after Debra decided to shoot Maria LaGuerta, the fateful decision that would change the Morgan family’s lives forever. Debra has decided to push Dexter out of her life in order to try to find a way to deal with her decisions, yet Dexter is determined to push his way back into her life. Although LaGuerta is a solved problem, Dr. Evelyn Vogel’s sudden resurfacing in Miami to work side-by-side with Dexter Morgan causes some unwanted tension in Dexter’s life.

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Did You Know? Angel Batista Wasn’t Always Played by David Zayas in Season 8

According to IMDb, several times in season 8, David Zayas’ son, David Zayas Jr., stood in for his father in some shots.


Obfuscation, Self-Revelation, and the Phoenix in 704: “Run” & 705: “Swim Deep”


Ray Speltzer is arrested and nearly sent to jail for the rest of his life until he is set free to roam the streets once again. Dexter takes him out in attempts to lay to rest his animalistic side, which results in Dexter and Debra’s semi-reconciliation. Meanwhile, Isaak Sirko clues Dexter into the fact that he killed Louis Greene and has made it known that he will kill everyone in Miami Metro in order to avenge Viktor Baskov’s death. Maria LaGuerta lets Deb into her mission to reopen the Bay Harbor Butcher case, but little does she know Deb is only in it to protect her brother.

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