Happy Birthday, John Lithgow!

October 19, 1945.

John turns 70 today.

John portrayed Arthur Mitchell (Trinity) in season 4.


Self-Discovery and Justice in 606: “Just Let Go” & 607: “Nebraska”


Brother Sam passes on with one final wish: to forgive Nick for shooting him to death. Whereas Dexter attempts to overcome his darkness, he discovers he cannot. The Dooms Day Killers take their killings to the next level and the Trinity Killer is believed to have struck again in Nebraska where the Mitchell family was holed up in the witness protection program, leaving both Sally and Rebecca Mitchell dead. The ghost of Brian Moser, the Ice-Truck Killer, revisits Dexter to play the evil angel on his shoulder (hence the 606 or 666 episode number), replacing Harry for a while. Religion and the nature of psychopathy are discussed.

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Follies, Parallelism, and Unveiled Secrets in 412: “The Getaway”


Dexter and Trinity face off in the final episode of season four. Everything is at stake for Dexter – from his reputation, to his secret, to his family – since Arthur Mitchell has discovered who he truly is: Dexter Morgan, family man, blood spatter analyst, brother, husband, and father. Once Miami Metro discovers that “Trinity framed Stan Beaudry,” the FBI comes in to take down Trinity, who appears to have “skipped town.” Even when Dexter believes he has triumphed, for he is different than Trinity, he has actually failed. R.I.P. Rita Bennett Morgan, survived by Astor and Cody Bennett and Dexter and Harrison Morgan, the duo “born in blood.” What could this mean for little Harrison? Have Harry’s sins come full-circle to Dexter damaging Harrison the way his father “damaged” him?

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Happy Birthday, John Lithgow!

Happy Birthday, John Lithgow (Arthur Mitchell, season 4)!

October 19, 1945.

John turns 69 today.

Trivia Tuesday (ANSWER)

We Asked: Which season four cast member appeared on season one of American Horror Story?

ANSWER: Brando Eaton (Jonah Mitchell) appeared in season one, episode five of American Horror Story as a ghost/zombie high school jock.

Trivia Tuesday

Which season four cast member appeared on season one of American Horror Story?

The answer will be revealed tomorrow.


John Lithgow (Arthur Mitchell, Trinity Killer) and Courtney Ford (Christine Hill, Trinity’s daughter) both starred on How I Met Your Mother.

WATCH: CBS Interview with John Lithgow


Vanessa Marano (Rebecca Mitchell, daughter of Trinity Killer,  Arthur Mitchell) starred on Gilmore Girls from 2005-2007 as Luke Danes’ daughter, April.

Daddy Issues in 410: “Lost Boys” & 411: “Hello, Dexter Morgan”


Dexter becomes further involved with Arthur Mitchell’s family and lets Jonah know that he’s tracking them down; whereas Jonah suspects Arthur’s (and Kyle Butler’s) demons, others don’t. Deb suspects Christine Hill of shooting Frank Lundy. Her exchanges with Hill only serve to accentuate that the two of them are no different; they act just as their fathers have in order to gain approval, attention, and acceptance. Dexter juggles far too many things, as he seems to do this season, and that leads to Trinity following him right into the heart of Miami Metro.

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