Dissecting Dexter’s Consequences in 812: “Remember the Monsters?”

Lumberjack Dexter, Hannah, and Harrison almost make it on their flight to Rio when Jacob Elway shows up at the airport, threatening the life they planned to share together. After getting airport security onto Elway’s case to defuse the situation, Dexter inadvertently delays all succeeding flights until after Hurricane Laura passes through Miami. Meanwhile, news that Debra is in critical condition after getting shot by Oliver Saxon reaches Dexter shortly after this delay, fortifying his desire for vengeance upon the Brain Surgeon. Though Dexter believes he has transcended the need to kill, his petulance toward Saxon makes this kill far more personal than any other kill he has performed. Once Saxon is taken care of, the only loose end left in Miami is Debra, who would otherwise be left to vegetate in Miami Central hospital. Continue reading “Dissecting Dexter’s Consequences in 812: “Remember the Monsters?””


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Doppelgangers, Brotherhood, and the Oedipal Complex in 808: “Are We There Yet?” & 809: “Make Your Own Kind of Music”

Zach Sleepilng

Dexter discovers that Zach Hamilton has absorbed the Code through the observation of his Spiritual Father. Hannah McKay further complicates Dexter’s already convoluted situation by consuming his every waking thought and involuntarily impairing his decision-making skills. Debra’s difficulty with her brother’s life choices and unmistakable vengeance against Hannah compels her to put Jacob Elway on her trail, ultimately leading us to Dexter’s final path of destruction.

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Happy Birthday, Christian Camargo!

July 7, 1971.

Christian turns 44 today.

Christian portrayed Brian Moser.

Sociopaths, Morality, and Law in 706: “Do the Wrong Thing” & 707: “Chemistry”


Sal Price becomes a threat, and then is quickly taken down by Hannah McKay. Maria LaGuerta comes dangerously close to the truth about the real Bay Harbor Butcher. We also learn that sociopaths like Hannah and Dexter can look out for each other and act more human than they could have ever imagined.

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Self-Discovery and Justice in 606: “Just Let Go” & 607: “Nebraska”


Brother Sam passes on with one final wish: to forgive Nick for shooting him to death. Whereas Dexter attempts to overcome his darkness, he discovers he cannot. The Dooms Day Killers take their killings to the next level and the Trinity Killer is believed to have struck again in Nebraska where the Mitchell family was holed up in the witness protection program, leaving both Sally and Rebecca Mitchell dead. The ghost of Brian Moser, the Ice-Truck Killer, revisits Dexter to play the evil angel on his shoulder (hence the 606 or 666 episode number), replacing Harry for a while. Religion and the nature of psychopathy are discussed.

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DIY Ice Truck Killer’s Doll: Photos


My incredible girlfriend recently watched Dexter in its entirety and fell in love with the show. For our six monthiversary, she recreated Brian Moser’s message to Dexter, nail polish and all! And the best part? She gave it to me frozen.

I just had to share this with you here.




Happy Birthday, Christian Camargo!

ChristianHappy Birthday, Christian Camargo!

July 7, 1971.

Christian turns 43 today.


DID YOU KNOW? Christian Camargo (Rudy Cooper) is an actor and producer, known for The Hurt Locker (2008), Guiding Light (1952) and Europa Report (2013).

Dexter the Decider and Other New Roles in 112: “Born Free”

Dexter finally faces his truth: he is not alone. Brian Moser (alias Rudy Cooper) is Dexter’s blood-brother, in both DNA and experience. The infamous Ice Truck Killer forces Dexter to choose between a life of hiding and his foster-sister and the life of freedom and authenticity with him. We are given the final pieces to the Ice Truck Killer’s puzzles, and Debra pays the price. Although the storm seems to have calmed, there are two new people who suspect Dexter’s truth: Rita Bennett and Sergeant James Doakes.

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