Happy New Year!

Happy New Year from Dissecting Dexter!


Happy Birthday, James Remar!

December 31, 1953.

James turns 62 today.

James portrayed Harry Moragn.

Happy Birthday, C.S. Lee!

December 30, 1971.

Charlie turns 44 today.

Charlie portrayed Vince Masuka.

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas from Dissecting Dexter!

Happy Birthday, Darri Ingolfsson!

December 22, 1979.

Darri turns 36 today.

Darri portrayed Daniel Vogel, alias Oliver Saxon in season 8.

Dexter Early Cuts: Cindy Landon


Black Widow Cindy Landon.

Dexter Early Cuts: Gene Marshall

A young Dexter encounters arsonist Gene Marshall and is forced to rethink his methods.

Happy Birthday, Jennifer Carpenter!

December 7, 1979.

Jennifer turns 36 today.

Dexter Early Cuts: Alex Timmons

Dexter hunts Alex Timmons, a corrupt war veteran, who uses the cover of war to kill the innocent.

Happy Birthday, Aimee Garcia!

November 28, 1978.

Aimee turns 37 today.

Aimee portrayed Jamie Batista in seasons 6 through 8.