Happy Birthday, Brando Eaton!

July 17, 1986.

Brando turns 29 today.

Brando portrayed Jonah Mitchell in seasons 4 and 6.


Foretelling Doom, Incest, and Self-Revelation in 608: “Sin of Omission” & 609: “Get Gellar”


Travis finally agrees to work with Dexter in taking down Gellar; Lisa Marshall becomes the whore of Babylon and the atheist professor becomes a part of the Bowls of Wrath tableau; Deb visits therapy more frequently; Quinn continues in his downward spiral following his separation from Debra. Louis Greene, Masuka’s intern, and Jamie Batista get close; he is later apprehended as the man who brought the prosthetic arm from the Ice-Truck Killer. Finally, we discover that Professor Gellar is just as real to Travis as Harry is to Dexter: stone-cold dead.

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Self-Discovery and Justice in 606: “Just Let Go” & 607: “Nebraska”


Brother Sam passes on with one final wish: to forgive Nick for shooting him to death. Whereas Dexter attempts to overcome his darkness, he discovers he cannot. The Dooms Day Killers take their killings to the next level and the Trinity Killer is believed to have struck again in Nebraska where the Mitchell family was holed up in the witness protection program, leaving both Sally and Rebecca Mitchell dead. The ghost of Brian Moser, the Ice-Truck Killer, revisits Dexter to play the evil angel on his shoulder (hence the 606 or 666 episode number), replacing Harry for a while. Religion and the nature of psychopathy are discussed.

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Trivia Tuesday (ANSWER)

We Asked: Which season four cast member appeared on season one of American Horror Story?

ANSWER: Brando Eaton (Jonah Mitchell) appeared in season one, episode five of American Horror Story as a ghost/zombie high school jock.

Alcoholism and the Birth of Serial Killers 408: “Road Kill” & 409: “Hungry Man”

Bloody Home

Dexter suffers after the revelation that he killed an innocent man (Jonathan Farrow) after lacking sufficient evidence to support his guilt; Quinn becomes suspicious of Dexter. Debra, after being thrown off of the Trinity case for she was officially a “victim” of Trinity, starts back-seat driving the investigation through Quinn; later, after Masuka and Deb figure out that the shooter was too short to be Trinity himself, Deb is put back on the case. Dexter accompanies Arthur Mitchell to Tampa on a build (or attending a Weather Conference, as he tells everyone); he admits to Trinity that he killed an innocent man, leading to the revelation that Trinity also was responsible for the death of an innocent person. Rita accidentally kisses Elliot next door. Dexter spends Thanksgiving with the Mitchells. Ultimately, we discover that Christine Hill is Trinity’s daughter( gasp!).

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Happy Birthday, Brando Eaton!

BEHappy Birthday, Brando Eaton (Jonah Mitchell, seasons 4-6)!

July 17, 1986.

Brando turns 28 today.