Did You Know? Julie Benz Originally Auditioned for the Role of Debra Morgan

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Julie Benz and Jaime Murray Want Happy Ending for Dexter

Julie Benz (Rita Bennett Morgan) and Jaime Murray (Lila Tournay/West) had some opinions on how the show should end.

Just before season 8 ended, Jaime Murray said:

“Lila should come back and marry Dexter and they should go off together and have little psychopathic children.”

Julie Benz commented:

“We can’t kill Dexter. We just can’t,” she said. “We should always have the potential to have a Dexter movie or something. Maybe he moves away and starts in another town. I don’t know. We can’t kill him.” 

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Doubling, Ghosts from the Past, and Bookends in 702: “Sunshine and Frosty Swirl” & 703: “Buck the System”

Ray Speltzer

Debra learns to come to terms with Dexter’s Dark Passenger after she realizes that had she let Dexter do what he does, Ray Speltzer would not have succeeded in killing his latest victim. Maria LaGuerta continues to search for answers about the real identity of the Bay Harbor Butcher after the blood slide found at the site of Travis Marshall’s death is confirmed to be his. The Louis Greene “fire” has officially been put out, but Isaak Sirko has become Dexter’s most formidable victim for season seven, other than himself.

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Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day from Dissecting Dexter!

Happy Birthday, Julie Benz!

May 1, 1972.

Julie turns 43 today.

Did You Know?

Two main cast members of The L Word, Katherine Moennig and Erin Daniels, appear in Dexter. Erin Daniels appears in season one as Rita’s neighboor with the yapping dog, and Katherine Moennig is Michael Angelo, Vince Masuka’s tattoo artist in season five. Coincidentally (or not), Erin Daniel’s character is divorced and Katherine Moennig’s character is a lesbian.

Trivia Tuesday (ANSWER)

WE ASKED: What is Dexter’s house address? What is his apartment address?

ANSWER: Dexter and Rita’s house is 3319 Meadow Lane, Miami, FL

Dexter’s apartment address is 8240 Palm Terrace, Miami, FL

Did You Know?

Dexter has a Smith & Wesson stool at his kitchen counter. Smith & Wesson is a firearms manufacturer, which is ironic, given his proclivity for knives and aversion to firearms.

Family, Real and Made in 508: “Take It!” & 509: “Teenage Wasteland”

DEXTER (Season 5)

Dexter’s two separate worlds collide when Astor and a friend break into the family house where Dexter is keeping Lumen; on top of that, Miami Metro knows Dexter is seeing Jordan Chase in search of ways to cope with Rita’s death. When Dexter steps up as a father to protect Astor and her friend, Harry admits that perhaps he overlooked the humanity within him, begging the question . . . was Dexter born to be a serial killer, or made into one?

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Coincidence, Fate, and Control in 506: “Everything Is Illumenated” & 507: “Circle Us”

The Bodies

Dexter is determined to keep his life compartmentalized so that his after-hours vocation cannot bleed into his everyday life (and ultimately so that an accident like Rita’s never happens again). Although he believes that Lumen is no longer his problem, she calls him and tells him she needs help disposing of a body: she shot one of her assailants. Miami Metro is called there and nearly catches Dexter in the middle of his mess; however, he manages to weasel his way out of it as he usually does. Dexter promises to help Lumen avenge her attackers because he cannot “get revenge for Rita’s death.” Lumen even starts to become a partner to Dexter, someone he cannot help but get attached to. The Santa Muerte killers are tracked down in the Mayan Club and Deb finally shoots one in the head to put a stop to it.

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