ANSWER: How many people does Dexter kill outside of the Code?


A. 0

B. 5

C. 10

D. 12

E. All of them

There are nine on-screen kills that do not fit the Code.

  1. Oscar Prado, “Our Father” (301)
  2. Nathan Marten, “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” (303)
  3. Camilla Figg, “Easy as Pie” (307)
  4. Jonathan Farrow, “Slack Tide” (407)
  5. Rankin (the poor man in the bathroom), “My Bad” (501)
  6. Stan Liddy, “Hop a Freighter” (511)
  7. Norm (the motel owner), “Nebraska” (607)
  8. “Avon Lady” (in Isaak Sirko’s apartment), “Argentina” (708)
  9. Clint McKay, “The Dark… Whatever” (710)
  10. Andrew Briggs, “A Beautiful Day” (801)

Dexter also planned to kill Maria LaGuerta in 712. Had Debra not killed her, she would have been an eleventh kill outside of the Code.

For a wonderfully comprehensive list of all of Dexter’s kills, click here.


Self-Discovery and Justice in 606: “Just Let Go” & 607: “Nebraska”


Brother Sam passes on with one final wish: to forgive Nick for shooting him to death. Whereas Dexter attempts to overcome his darkness, he discovers he cannot. The Dooms Day Killers take their killings to the next level and the Trinity Killer is believed to have struck again in Nebraska where the Mitchell family was holed up in the witness protection program, leaving both Sally and Rebecca Mitchell dead. The ghost of Brian Moser, the Ice-Truck Killer, revisits Dexter to play the evil angel on his shoulder (hence the 606 or 666 episode number), replacing Harry for a while. Religion and the nature of psychopathy are discussed.

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