Doppelgangers and Guilt in 501: “My Bad”


In the aftermath of Trinity’s revenge, Dexter tells the first responders that Rita is dead and “it was me.” He asks Deb to treat Harrison like her own son, and she agrees to help raise ┬áhim. Dexter decides that his family is better off without them after Astor and Cody take the news of their mother’s death poorly (and understandably so). Believing that Harry has abandoned him, Dexter sets fire to the shipping container with all of his belongings in it and destroys all digital files he once used to track down and kill his victims. Planning to make a break for it and leave, Harry finally reappears to him to tell him that his family – Astor, Cody, Harrison, and Debra – needs him. Meanwhile, Quinn is becoming even more suspicious of Dexter.

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