Follies, Parallelism, and Unveiled Secrets in 412: “The Getaway”


Dexter and Trinity face off in the final episode of season four. Everything is at stake for Dexter – from his reputation, to his secret, to his family – since Arthur Mitchell has discovered who he truly is: Dexter Morgan, family man, blood spatter analyst, brother, husband, and father. Once Miami Metro discovers that “Trinity framed Stan Beaudry,” the FBI comes in to take down Trinity, who appears to have “skipped town.” Even when Dexter believes he has triumphed, for he is different than Trinity, he has actually failed. R.I.P. Rita Bennett Morgan, survived by Astor and Cody Bennett and Dexter and Harrison Morgan, the duo “born in blood.” What could this mean for little Harrison? Have Harry’s sins come full-circle to Dexter damaging Harrison the way his father “damaged” him?

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