Happy Birthday, Colin Hanks!

November 24, 1977.

Colin turns 38 today.

Colin portrayed Travis Marshall in season 6.


Travis Marshall a Father? Colin Hanks to Star in ‘Life in Pieces’

Life in Pieces

The September 21, 2015 issue of People features a prominent ad for the new CBS drama, Life in Pieces, which premieres on Monday, September 21 at 8:30/7:30c.

ANSWER: How many of Dexter’s murders does Deb help cover up, and who are they?

Three. Travis Marshall, Ray Speltzer, and Viktor Baskov. Deb comments on this in 705: “Swim Deep.”

WATCH: Colin Hanks on the Red Carpet at 2015 Golden Globes

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Manipulation, Closets, and Revelations in 701: “Are You…?”

GIF You like to kill

Dexter attempts to cover up the truth of what he is to Debra while also convincing her to help him stage Travis Marshall’s final tableau: a suicide in a burning church. Detective Mike Anderson is shot and killed, opening up this season’s big case for Miami Metro. We are reminded that Deb was about to tell Dexter that she is in love with him when she happened upon his secret. The only thing left for Deb to ask is: “Are you a serial killer?”

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WATCH: Behind the Dexter Season 6 Finale

Revelations in 612: “This Is the Way the World Ends”

Debra sends all available reinforcement to the tallest skyscrapers in Miami, for she believes this is where Travis Marshall will enjoy the apocalypse and bring in the new world; after believing he has killed Dexter, he abducts Harrison from the Noah’s Ark pageant at his preschool, intending to sacrifice him as the innocent to be sacrificed as the first blood spill of the new world. Dexter runs into questions of karma, fate, and God. Travis Marshall reveals his true crazy as the alpha (Α) and omega (Ω).

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An Interpretation of Dreams in 610: “Ricochet Rabbit” & 611: “Talk to the Hand”


Dexter creates a tableau of his own; Travis attempts to  put Dexter into one of his own; Debra discovers her love for Dexter in therapy.

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Foretelling Doom, Incest, and Self-Revelation in 608: “Sin of Omission” & 609: “Get Gellar”


Travis finally agrees to work with Dexter in taking down Gellar; Lisa Marshall becomes the whore of Babylon and the atheist professor becomes a part of the Bowls of Wrath tableau; Deb visits therapy more frequently; Quinn continues in his downward spiral following his separation from Debra. Louis Greene, Masuka’s intern, and Jamie Batista get close; he is later apprehended as the man who brought the prosthetic arm from the Ice-Truck Killer. Finally, we discover that Professor Gellar is just as real to Travis as Harry is to Dexter: stone-cold dead.

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Trivia Tuesday (ANSWER)

We Asked: Which season six cast member also starred on Six Feet Under with Michael C. Hall?

a. Colin Hanks (Travis Marshall)

b. Rya Kihlstedt (Michelle Ross)

c. David Zayas (Angel Batista)

d. Molly Parker (Lisa Marshall)

Molly Parker played Rabbi Ari in 2002.