Charlotte Rampling One of the “Great Eight” in THR

Hollywood Reporter

After Jennifer Lawrence’s glass-ceiling-shattering essay on the Hollywood gender pay gap, The Hollywood Reporter decided to address sexism. Charlotte Rampling (Dr. Evelyn Vogel) weighed in on what she has learned over the years.

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Did You Know? ‘Dexter’ Was Supposed to Be a Movie

Dexter Promo



After the success of Jeff Lindsay’s novel, Darkly Dreaming Dexter, writers created a script to shoot a movie. However, they found that Dexter would have been assumed to be a slasher movie, which would not, the writers felt, do the story justice. They only then considered transforming Lindsay’s concept into a TV series.

Did You Know? ‘Dexter’ Used Less Plastic Wrap in Later Seasons and the Reason Will Shock You

Kill TableSeveral actors including Jennifer Carpenter have commented on being on Dexter’s table. The most common reaction to the experience was the difficulty of remaining in a thick cocoon of plastic wrap for several hours at a time. But this isn’t why Dexter started cutting down on the saran-wrap.

Plastic wrap has the ability to actually suffocate people. Though the plastic was not always covering peoples’ mouths, it prevented the actors’ skin from breathing, which might, in extreme circumstances, led to actual deaths on set.

Did You Know? The Blood Used on ‘Dexter’ Is Made from Syrup and Dish Soap

Dexter Angel BloodJoshua Meltzer, Dexter‘s prop master, reported that the blood is composed of a mixture of syrup, food coloring, peppermint oil, and dish soap. “The blood is made from maple syrup, because it has a thicker texture and cleans up easier than corn syrup,” he said. The peppermint oil is to prevent wasps or flies from being attracted to the sugary syrup.

Did You Know? David Zayas (Batista) and Sam Underwood (Zack Hamilton) Starred on The Following

David Zayas (Angel Batista) starred in season 1 of The Following as a former FBI agent in witness protection, and Sam Underwood (Zack Hamilton) plays a pair of twin serial killers starting in season 2.

Travis Marshall a Father? Colin Hanks to Star in ‘Life in Pieces’

Life in Pieces

The September 21, 2015 issue of People features a prominent ad for the new CBS drama, Life in Pieces, which premieres on Monday, September 21 at 8:30/7:30c.

Did You Know? ‘Dexter’ Pissed off Australia

According to, “Dexter managed to cause an international incident thanks to an off-hand remark in one episode which stated that Adelaide, a city in southern Australia, had the highest serial killer count per person out of any place in the world. It may or may not actually be true, but it’s a widely-reported bit of grizzly trivia.

Regardless of any factual basis, the South Australian government filed complaints against the local Fox affiliate that aired the show in the country, and adverts around the country promoting the then-current season were pulled from billboards, newspapers, magazines and TV screens as a result. Sure are sensitive, those murderous Aussies.”

Dissecting Dexter’s Consequences in 812: “Remember the Monsters?”

Lumberjack Dexter, Hannah, and Harrison almost make it on their flight to Rio when Jacob Elway shows up at the airport, threatening the life they planned to share together. After getting airport security onto Elway’s case to defuse the situation, Dexter inadvertently delays all succeeding flights until after Hurricane Laura passes through Miami. Meanwhile, news that Debra is in critical condition after getting shot by Oliver Saxon reaches Dexter shortly after this delay, fortifying his desire for vengeance upon the Brain Surgeon. Though Dexter believes he has transcended the need to kill, his petulance toward Saxon makes this kill far more personal than any other kill he has performed. Once Saxon is taken care of, the only loose end left in Miami is Debra, who would otherwise be left to vegetate in Miami Central hospital. Continue reading “Dissecting Dexter’s Consequences in 812: “Remember the Monsters?””

Guilt, Monsters, and Trauma in 804: “Scar Tissue” & 805: “This Little Piggy”

Debra continues to push Dexter away until she learns that Harry killed himself, driving her to kill herself and her brother; however, she is rescued and she ends up saving Dexter once again, which proves that she will “always choose Dexter.” AJ Yates catches wind of the fact that Dr. Vogel is poking around in his things and kidnaps her. Yates’ murder and disposal brings the three together.

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Mere Psychopath or Serial Killer? Dexter’s Natural Inclinations in 802: “Every Silver Lining…” & 803: “What’s Eating Dexter Morgan?”

Jennifer Carpenter as Debra Morgan in Dexter (Season 8, episode 2) - Photo: Randy Tepper/Showtime - Photo ID: Dexter_802_1408

The Brain Surgeon has picked his next victim, compelling Dr. Vogel to recruit Dexter for his help in tracking down who she believes to be one of her former patients. After Dexter goes poking around Lyle Sussman’s hunting cabin, the Brain Surgeon discovers that Dexter is Vogel’s partner in crime, placing them both, as well as Dexter’s family, in jeopardy. Debra continues to fall apart and attempts to confess to Quinn that she killed LaGuerta, but he simply loves her too much to allow her to blame herself for the Captain’s death.

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