Religion and Freudian Inclinations in 212: “The British Invasion”

The Bay Harbor Butcher case comes to a close as Divine Intervention (read: Lila Tournay) guards Dexter’s reputation, alibis, and frame job. Given a second chance at life, Dexter is taking a new look at his life in regards to family and friends. In restarting his relationship with Rita, he does put Astor and Cody in danger (literally); however, with the “English titty-vampire” out of the way, it seems as though some normalcy has been restored, but can Dexter’s life ever really be normal? Keep reading for a closer look at the season two finale of Dexter, “The British Invasion.”

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Freudian Themes in 210: “There’s Something about Harry” & 211: “Left Turn Ahead”

We are boiling down to the end of season twoLila and tensions are higher than ever. Dexter nearly decides to turn himself in; Doakes nearly gets loose; Lila almost goes away forever; Rita even decides to let Dexter back into her life a little bit at a time. After accusing Angel Batista of drugging and raping her, Lila is not afraid to show Dexter that she does have an immense amount of power and can manipulate him however she wishes. Lila finds his cabin in the woods just after Debra tries to chase her out of town. What will happen? Read more of the treatment for a critical perspective on these two episodes  below.

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Addictions and Suspicions in 208: “Morning Comes” & 209: “Resistance Is Futile”


“Lundy’s bees are buzzing” and the workers in Miami Metro are under the gun. Everyone is treated as a potential suspect, meanwhile the killer walks among the men at Miami Metro. As if this were not enough to deal with, Dexter must juggle Rita and the kids, the pyromaniac he calls his NA sponsor, and his job, all while staying sane. Desperate for attention, Lila calls Santos Jiminez up to scare Dexter, which ultimately ends in his death by chainsaw. It is up to Dexter to figure out how to deal with the innocent man he locked up in the Everglades, the mentally unstable Narcotics Anonymous sponsor, and Rita’s distrust of Dexter and her wounded heart.

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Disciples and Camouflaging in 206: “Dex, Lies, and Videotape” & 207: “That Night, a Forest Grew”


Dexter continues to uncover information that proves that his foster-father, Harry, had more secrets than Dexter could have imagined. In his continual quest for his identity, Dexter begins to rely a little too heavily on his Narcotics Anonymous sponsor, Lila Tournay, and ends up having an affair with her. Tired of reacting to Miami Metro and Frank Lundy’s gains on the Bay Harbor Butcher case, Dexter sends the department a manifesto that tips Lundy off more than anticipated. Doakes loses his cool after Dexter purposely trips him up and is now on inactive duty. Debra is finally coming to terms with her feelings for Frank Lundy and breaks up with Gabriel Bosque, her late boyfriend, and even begins listening to Chopin. The stakes are high and Miami is smoldering. Here’s what happened this week in Dissecting Dexter.

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The Spectrum of Good and Evil in 204: “See Through” & 205: “The Dark Defender”

Between the Bay Harbor Butcher case and the Miami climate, the heat is rising for Dexter. A breakthrough in the case regarding algae threatens to pinpoint Dexter in the investigation for the infamous Bay Harbor Butcher. An altercation with a former special ops ranger reveals Sergeant Doakes to be a deadly killer, but a man of morality and loyalty. Dexter and Lila’s relationship flourishes, whereas Debra’s mistrust of her new beau, Gabriel Bosque, leads them to ruin. The Dark Defender idea emerges and begins to change Dexter’s perspective on who he is and what he wants.

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Religious Themes in 202: “Waiting to Exhale” & 203: “An Inconvenient Lie”


Dexter gets his thirst to kill back up; in the wake of Dexter’s watery graveyard being uncovered, Special Agent Frank Lundy from the FBI is called into Miami Metro to lead the investigation. He assembles a task force, denying Sergeant Doakes, but taking on Deb and Batista. Meanwhile, Rita confronts Dexter about Paul’s accusations and uncovers that Dexter has “an addiction.” While going to Narcotics Anonymous, Lila Tournay is introduced and becomes Dexter’s sponsor; we discover that she is a great match for Dexter for several reasons. She can sniff out Dexter like the “dog” he is. Little Chino and Roger Hicks are put to rest, causing Dexter to question yet again: “Am I human?”

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Tension and Release 201: “It’s Alive”

In the wake of the late Ice Truck Killer, and Dexter’s brother Brian Moser, Debra has moved into Dexter’s apartment and Sergeant Doakes is on Dexter’s tail now more than ever. After hounding Rita to look for his missing shoe, and Rita still refusing to help him, Paul gets into a prison altercation, leading to his death. As if Doakes’ suspicions, Debra’s instability, and Rita’s deliberations aren’t enough on his plate, local scuba divers uncover Dexter’s watery grave, and threaten to take him down.

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