Dexter the Decider and Other New Roles in 112: “Born Free”

Dexter finally faces his truth: he is not alone. Brian Moser (alias Rudy Cooper) is Dexter’s blood-brother, in both DNA and experience. The infamous Ice Truck Killer forces Dexter to choose between a life of hiding and his foster-sister and the life of freedom and authenticity with him. We are given the final pieces to the Ice Truck Killer’s puzzles, and Debra pays the price. Although the storm seems to have calmed, there are two new people who suspect Dexter’s truth: Rita Bennett and Sergeant James Doakes.

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Unveiling Truths in 110: “Seeing Red” & 111: “Truth Be Told”


Dexter “takes out the trash” by getting rid of Paul; he puts the pieces together and discovers not only the identity of the Ice Truck Killer, but the truth of his past; he discovers that Angel’s attacker and the Ice Truck Killer are one in the same; and ultimately, he realizes that his sister is about to be the Ice Truck Killer’s next victim.

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Origins and Rebirth in 108: “Shrink Wrap” & 109: “Father Knows Best”


The identity of the Ice Truck Killer is finally revealed, but Miami Metro still insists that it is Neil Perry, despite both Dexter’s and LaGuerta’s suspicions. A dead man’s will turns up, claiming to be the property of Dexter’s biological father. Meanwhile, a psychiatrist attempts to “play God” with fragile, innocent women, but also offers Dexter insight into where his issues stem from. Ultimately, we discover that “you can never truly know anyone” (109).

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Doppelgängers in 106: “Return to Sender” & 107: “Circle of Friends”


The Ice Truck Killer continues to make his presence known as he dives and revives the body of Valerie Castillo, returning her to Dexter’s table within the tin can of a trailer on Jorge Castillo’s salvage lot, and putting Dexter under fire. Between Sergeant Doakes being “onto” Dexter and the boy witness who threatens to expose Dexter’s identity, Dexter feels the “noose tightening.” As Miami Metro closes in on Neil Perry, who they suspect to be the Ice Truck Killer, Dexter hopes that his “playmate” is not as ostentatious as this man. Dexter seeks connection with one of his “colleagues” in a final encounter with Jeremy Downs, revealing that he is truly “alone” in this world.

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Dexter’s Capacity for Relationships in 104: “Let’s Give the Boy a Hand” & 105: “Love American Style”

The Ice Truck Killer strikes again, but this time it’s a man — and there’s blood. Dexter realizes that the Ice Truck Killer knows his secret, and tries to anticipate his next step. He tries to figure out what a good relationship consists of in the middle of everyone else’s problems, but ultimately discovers that everyone is not as normal as they appear to be.

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Straddling Two Worlds in 102: “Crocodile” & 103: “Popping Cherry”


“There are no secrets in life, just hidden truths that lie beneath the surface’” (102). As we wade deeper into Dexter’s world, we learn more about his past, the Code, and Dexter’s constant struggle to keep up appearances. Despite the overwhelming feeling that he is an outsider, Dexter reveals that Harry “taught [him] that none of us are who we appear to be on the outside … but we must maintain appearances to survive” (103). Although this was meant to comfort Dexter, it only makes him feel more distant. His mask makes him a perpetual liar, and perhaps one day it will all catch up with him. Playing Pinocchio cannot be as easy as Dexter makes it seem. “Score: 1 for the little wooden boy” (103).

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Meeting Dexter Morgan in 101: “Dexter”

“Tonight’s the night, and it’s going to happen again and again … has to happen.” The first episode of Dexter does not disappoint: we learn about Dexter, his origins, the Code of Harry, his rituals, as well as his first antagonist: the Ice Truck Killer. Best of all: both Dexter and the Ice Truck Killer are dissecting bodies. Although the episode highlights that Dexter is different from everyone else, the writers emphasize that humans all have strange habits; it is just a matter of perspective. Regardless of how you view it, Dexter’s work serves a purpose. “The world will be a neater, happier place. A better place.”

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